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Are you a font designer?

All the fonts in this web site have been downloaded from the free sites of the font designers who created them throughout several years. For this reason, currently we don't have the authoring information of every font, even though we would like to give the credits that the authors deserve.

If you are a font designer and you would like to send us your font together with credits, you can do it by using the form below. If you also provide us the address of your web site from which the font can be publicly downloaded, we will make a link from

If you would like to send us your fonts, do it as follows: put every font in a separate zip archive with the corresponding credits in a text file. The credits can be anything you wish: author, font name, date when it was created, web address, etc. Send us the zip file by using the form below.

On the other hand, if you have the rights over any font published in this web site and you would like us to take it away, do not hesitate to contact us. After identifying yourself as the proprietor of the font rights, we will delete it from our database right away.

Send us your font